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Useful Guides and Tips


You are a trader

- Regulated activities   - Registration procedure in the Commercial Register

- regulated Professions   - foreign trader

- Commercial Code   - Competition    - Investment    - Liaison Office

- The conditions and rules for implementing the sales balances, promotional sales, sales in inventory liquidation sales outlet shops and unpacking sales

- Fairs and exhibitions


You are Importer

- Import activity - import procedure - Product Labelling


 You are Exporter

- Export activity - export procedure - Advantages and facilitations granted to non-oil exports


 Guide to Trade Agreements

- European Union Association Agreement - WTO

- Trade Agreements - Accession of Algeria to the Free Trade Area



 Quality Control and Fraud

- Codex General Standard for Food Additives - Standard food - Analysis laboratories.


 Border control of compliance of imported products

- Regulations - border control procedures for compliance of imported products


Inspector's Guide

- Training on the use suitcase inspection - Guide to analytical determination milk and milk products

- Quality of drinks and juices



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