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Forms and services online

Online services of the National Trade Register Centre (

Research  Companies in the names database

Research  in the base of nomenclatures of activities Data

other services are available on the NRC website

Downloadable forms for merchants

Traders or people with entrepreneurship research

 You can download forms  from site as regards the application name (choice of company name before its creation, the pledge of equipment and materials of equipment, subscription BOAL, sale trade background......

foreign traders

  Form to open a liaison office

The submission of the file takes place at the Ministry of Commerce (Sub Division of Animation and Relations with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry 9th Floor)

Downloadable forms for importers

Designation of an employee or officer responsible for the performance of control activities for compliance of imported products.

Form to be completed by operators

Supporting documents required for Algerian law and foreign companies Company

Model of representative map

The submission of the dossier is at the Directorat of Trade Wilaya of your corporate headquarters  Imports franchised under the free trade agreement


Imports franchised under the free trade agreements

Terms (reference .Text: Executive Decree No. 10-89 of March 10, 2010)

Download the franchise application form

The merits of the case on applications for customs duty franchises is presented once must contain a certified copy of the Commercial Register, a certified copy of the NIF card, a copy of the status of the company.

Renewable materials are:

1. A certified copy of the certificate of deposit of the company accounts (each year)
2. A certified copy of the affiliation to the CNAS and / or CASORAL (according to its validity or annually)
3. an original copy of the extract of role discharged (every three months)
4. franchise application (an original and three copies)
5. préforma or three final bills


The submission of the dossier is at the Directorat of Trade Wilaya residence of your corporate headquarters.

Border control of compliance of imported products

Download Specimens and content of documents relating to the product import declaration, Minutes of monitoring compliance of the product, admission authorization of the product, refusal of admission Decision of the product, relative to the Appeals refusal product intake, cancellation of the decision of the product admission refusal - Action on the destination of nonconforming product, hearing Minutes :)

Download model documents(certificate of origin visa, visa administrative certificate, ATA carnet) source of Algerian Chamber Commerce and Industry CACI


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