Industry, energy and poultry

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Industry, energy efficient poultry trilogy in the field of employment

Whatever Skikda evaluation fuel mandate also available on an industrial fabric, it includes modules for converting materials such as wood and cork, as well as the food industry, textiles and steel.

And operates five units convertible 274 people when running eight units Food industry workers and 762 units active in the field of building materials included positions held 571 people for the mining and quarrying and mining sector which operates 20 care sites is the 836 other workers.

 In the field of energy is active 9 units at the industrial zone of Skikda employs 7445 people and is specialized units mainly in the field of petrochemicals and largest refining unit (Ro1.k) producing propane gas and liquid fuels and asphalt. Sonatrach and transfer-is (natural gas and crude oil Alkundansat) and unit of Helison (Hlileom liquid nitrogen and liquid nitrogen gas) plastic composite ( and dilute the compound natural gas (Jl1.k) Natural gas Propane thinner Ethan Petain and NAFTA)

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