The organizational structure

The organizational structure of Skikda directorate of Trade

Ministerial decree dated on 16 Ramadan 1432 corresponding to 16 of august 2011 includes the organization of the organization of the state departments of commerce and the regional directorate of trade in offices


Missions of the directorate of trade

The tasks can be summarized as follows;
 Ensure the application of the legislation and regulation relating to foreign trade, competition, quality and organization of businesses and professions subject to law and propose all measures in order to adapt them;
 Ensure respect for the rules on competition and ensure the observance of the terms of sound and fair competition between economic operators;
 Contribute to the development and promotion of competition law with regard to the activities of production and distribution of goods and services,
 Follow the evolution of prices at the production and consumption of goods and Necessary and / or strategic services;
 Ensure the application of economic control and fraud suppression policy;
 Regulate the conduct of legal affairs and disputes related to actively control, monitor the implementation of the decisions of justice and to ensure them when appropriate


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