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          Oulad Ataia (Arabic: أولاد أعطية) is a daira of Skikda .It a mountainous region ( Natural environment of Foughalis?) facing the Mediterranean Sea, the administrative center is on the leading RN Oued Collo to Z 'hor and limitations with the wilaya of Jijel oral tradition Bénifoughal reports that Atia was the seventh brother who composed the tribe of Bénifoughals residents Ouled Atia claim that their ancestors came from the region of Biskra (Foughala) after leaving Morocco to the Saquiet El Hamra according to their traditions, Ouled Attia descend in direct line of El Houssein Ould sidi Ali who had married the daughter of the prophet Fathma ZAHRA that salvation

Daira : Oulad Ataia   until the 12/02/2015
Number of inhabitants : 21580 number traders :242
acreage : 239,04 Km² numberimporters :4
phone Daira: 038 71 23 63

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Address: Administrative center Boulevard Houari Boumedienne ,Skikda CP-21000 ;  Phone: +213 038-70-30-13 ;  Fax: +213 ; E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.