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          Collo is a city of Algeria carved genuine mountain ranges bordering the Mediterranean, in the Tell Atlas Oriental. Collo is located in a bay that bears his name. The coastline is 31 km. The extreme points of Collo territory are: Ras Elkebir, north and south, Koudiat Taleža between Oued Guebli and Oued Cherka. At the entrance of the city after a few corners where you can contemplate the Bay boars, beach Benzouite, and the cemetery Kssir El Bez, you will be greeted by a high peninsula (El Jarda] 3 km ride that limit its port to the west.

Daira : Collo   until the 12/02/2015
Number of inhabitants : 63071 number traders :2322
acreage : 228,28 Km² numberimporters :61
towns : COLLO, BENI ZID, CHERAIA The number TEL and Fax Subdivision Trade Collo
phone Daira: 038 71 61 01 038717767

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Address: Administrative center Boulevard Houari Boumedienne ,Skikda CP-21000 ;  Phone: +213 038-70-30-13 ;  Fax: +213 ; E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.