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          El Harrouch (Arabic: الحروش) is a town in eastern Algeria in north Constantine, 30 km from Skikda, Constantine 50 km, 80 km and 90 km of Guelma Annaba, El-called El-Arrouch Harrouch yet is the birthplace of shaheed Bashir Boukadoum, previous Algerian President Ali Kafi 1992-1994, the best historian of modern Algeria and the FLN activist Mohamed Harbi, former Head of State Mouloud Hamrouche.

Daira :  El Harrouch   until the 12/02/2015
Number of inhabitants : 104835 number traders :2347
acreage : 572,40 Km² numberimporters :78
towns : El Harrouch, Salah Bouchaour, Mezedj Ed-Chich, Zardeza, Ouled H Beba The number TEL and Fax Subdivision TradeEl Harrouch
phone Daira: 038 79 04 05 038980312



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Address: Administrative center Boulevard Houari Boumedienne ,Skikda CP-21000 ;  Phone: +213 038-70-30-13 ;  Fax: +213 ; E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.